Public Services

We offer resources and referrals to our friends in need eg;
• Local food bank information
• Connections to your local CARE
• Referrals to safe housing
• Assistance with public documentation for public aid
• Job securing: Resume Review, Interview Preparation and Follow-up Care


Ministry Coaching Services:

◘ Free 30 minutes FaceTime Coaching
◘ Free 30 minutes Live Coaching
◘ Free 30 minutes Web-Based Coaching
◘ Free 30 minutes Teleconference Coaching


Ministry Services:

► Prayer◄
• Administrative Support
• New Author-Coaches Support
• Social Media Management
• Prophetic Word
• Celebrate Recovery; Sponsor, Testimony, and Volunteering
• Free Life Coaching (on need basis)

During a crisis:

It is hard to see the Lord’s plan for you when you are in crisis mode.  This ministry is here to serve you and help you get to your next step.  Sometimes it is moment by moment.  Sometimes it is day by day but you will get through your current situation and into God’s plan.  He loves you dearly and He wants you to be successful in all areas of your life.

Next Steps…

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