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My coach has to be perfect!

There is a common ideology in the world of coaching that Coaches have to be perfect.  If that was true then no one would be a Coach.  There would be no coaching for athletes, singers, actors, writers, etc. etc. etc.  Everyone is human, in fact, the Word of the Lord tells us that no one is perfect.   Let us look at God’s Word on the subject of the perfect person.

Romans 3:23 Amplified Version (AMP)
23 since all have sinned and continually fall short of the Glory of God

God is telling us….. we all fall short!

However, a trained Coach has learned a specific skill set to help you find your way back to where you were originally heading.  Even more, a spiritual Coach can help you get back to your Divinely Created Purpose and Passion.  When we are in the thick of the storm we can’t see the roads very clearly.  The roads are foggy and obstructed.  So a Coach can help you clear the path.  Digging even deeper, your Coach was sent to you by God, the creator of your breath, why not allow the Lord to use him or her to get you back on the right road?

In addition, a spiritual Coach has to have moral excellence.  He or She has a higher responsibility.  We believe, stand, and stick to the Word of God.  He, Abba, our creator, has final authority over what we do and say.  We are bound to moral excellence.

2 Peter 1:5-8 Amplified Bible (AMP)
5 For this very reason, applying your diligence [to the divine promises, make every effort] in [exercising] your faith to, develop moral excellence, and in moral excellence, knowledge (insight, understanding), 6 and in your knowledge, self-control, and in your self-control, steadfastness, and in your steadfastness, godliness, 7 and in your godliness, brotherly affection, and in your brotherly affection, [develop Christian] love [that is, learn to unselfishly seek the best for others and to do things for their benefit]. 8 For as these qualities are yours and are increasing [in you as you grow toward spiritual maturity], they will keep you from being useless and unproductive in regard to the true knowledge and greater understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Next time you find yourself stuck or unsure of what your next step will be, why not seek out a Coach.  A person you can trust and is heading towards their God-given dreams.  You’d be surprised how the Holy Spirit will use a person if you let them.  Remember God loves you and He wants nothing but the best for you.  He will send you to the right Coach.  Just be open and receive.  Worst case scenario, you hire another Coach.


You know the many traps of the enemy.  You know his plans for us and our loved ones.  Abba, I thank you for Coaches.  I thank you for the time they have invested in their skills.  I thank you because through the leading of the Holy Spirit many will get back on the right roads.  I thank you for Divine connections.  I thank you for spiritual promptings.  I thank you for wisdom and discernment.  Abba, you are the only true God.  We honor you!  We praise you!  We worship you!  In Jesus Christ name, I pray, Amen!


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